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(Phoenix USA Cruiser)

Phoenix Cruiser Installs MCD American Duo™ Shades in Their Class C/B+ Products

Featured OEM Customer

Phoenix USA, Inc.

Elkhart, IN

A popular Class C and B+ manufacturer, Phoenix USA, has incorporated MCD American Duo™ shades as standard equipment in all of their 2012 models. The Phoenix floor plans range from the 2100 model, measuring the length of a big pick-up truck, to the roomy model 3100 built on a E450 truck bed with full body paint, a slide-out and complete living quarters. There are eight models overall utilizing MCD shades. Stuart Bailey of Phoenix Cruiser said, “We, as well as our customers, are very happy with the addition of MCD shades to our model line-up.” MCD shades provide a more modern look and create the appearance of more room in all the models. MCD Day shades block UV rays and heat in the summer months while allowing the inhabitants of the RV a clear exterior view without being seen from the outside. The MCD Night Shades are 100% light blocking and help keep out the cold in the winter months and provide privacy all year long.

Phoenix began ordering MCD shades in July of 2011 and produce about 150 coaches per year.

MCD is very pleased with the relationship with Phoenix USA and looks forward to helping them make one of the best motorhomes in the industry. 


Based in Elkhart, IN, Phoenix USA was incorporated in 1996 by a group of employees with a vision towards producing the most innovative Class B Motorhomes in the marketplace. In 1997, the management of Phoenix USA saw a need for a model that was a little larger than the Class B Motorhome.

By Spring 2009, RV Dealers around the country were facing the insurmountable crisis of not being able to get bank financing. Phoenix responded to the Great Recession with a pioneering decision to sell units to the public directly from the factory. This bold move allowed Phoenix to help people realize the camping dreams they'd planned for, at a savings of up to $10,000-$15,000.

To this day, we are committed to providing unmatched quality and value to our customers directly from the Elkhart factory, and our select Factory Direct Dealers around the country.

At Phoenix USA, we take a lot of pride in setting a standard of excellence for compact motorhomes. We go the extra mile in providing standard equipment not found on competitive units. We pay attention to the small details as we craft each unit. This creates a superior product and is one reason why we have one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry.