The American Duo® Day-Night Shades are an advanced window shades innovation designed for both solar protection and 100% light-blocking capabilities in an attractive, compact, and user-friendly package.

Easy to operate and easy to clean, this Roller Shade eliminates the service problems commonly associated with conventional day-night pleated window shades. MCD's window shades take the place of blackout curtains, expensive cellular, Vienna and silhouette shades, power visors, Venetian blinds and other dated shades.

The American Duo® window shade system is comprised of two Roller Shades

  • Our exclusive MCD Solar screen material. The Day Shade utilizes MCD's exclusive Clearview II™ Sun Screen, filtering the light for outward visibility, daytime privacy, and heat reduction.
  • 100% blackout night shade. This shade is 100% light blocking and serves as the interior barrier, it is available in a variety of price levels, colors, and patterns in both vinyl and cloth.

The American Duo® Day-Night Roller Shade is available in a choice of manual, switch electric, remote electric models, or a combination thereof, such as a manual solar day shade combined with an electric, remote-controlled light blocking Night Shade.

The manual shade uses a high-quality spring roller which allows the shade to be easily lowered to any position and effortlessly retracted with a touch-n-release movement. The MCD unique GlideRise IV™ technology controls ascent speed while MCD AutoStop™ will stop the shade at a user-settable height every time it’s raised. Learn how to set the ascent speed and height.

The MCD American Duo® Day/Night electric powered Shade system for living areas utilize MCD quiet 12V DC tubular remote control motors which fit inside the roller tubes. Upper and lower shade limits are set by utilizing MCD exclusive built-in electronic set limit capability providing a perfect shade fit for each window. Remotely control each shade individually & in groups, such as all day or all night.

Features and Benefits include:

  • Heat and UV reduction
  • Day-time privacy
  • Night-time privacy
  • Superior outward visibility
  • Improved interior décor
  • High-tech reflective window appearance
  • No window awnings needed
  • Choice of vinyl colors and patterns for the Night Shade
  • Available in manual or powered modes


To order by fax: 972-542-4881
For questions or for additional information, call MCD customer service at 800.804.1757

American Day/Night Window Shades Configuration

Duo Rendering

Limited Warranty

100% Privacy/Light-Blocking Night Material Options

Vinyl Material: B50, B33, BT20, B60, B40, A012, & BT10  Decorator Fabric: WG30, V42, & V44
All choices included in base pricing.

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